Wedgwood has become a house hold name on the strengths of its sheer output, quality and longevity. The company was established in the 18th century by Josiah Wedgwood and is still producing today. To design wares in the Art Deco style some eminent names were taken on in the nineteen thirties including Keith Murray (studio potter), Eric Ravilious and the sculptor John Skeaping designing geometric animal figures. Daisy Makeig Jones's Fairyland lustre range is also collectable today with magical and mystical scenes in both Persian and Oriental styles with patterns including as 'Candlemas' and Dana.

The linear (almost architectural) and simple styling of Keith Murray was in a league of its own with the extensive use of 'ribbing' in matt blues, greens and cream.

If you have damaged Wedgwood that you need repairing or restoring then you use Wedgwood ceramics repair. The restorers have many year's experience in the restoraton of Wedgwood and other pottery.

Art Deco: