Royal Doulton

The name of Royal Doulton is familiar to most people today with a likely example on display somewhere in the house. Production of hand-decorated earthenware from the nineteen thirties was extensive and appealed instantly to a mass market, such as pieces from the Frank Brangwyn ranges, a collaboration with Charles Noke.

The Lambeth area of Staffordshire was the original location for Henry Doulton's art pottery but a move to Burslem saw the distinguished employ of designers such as George Tinworth. The introduction of figures with a particular Art Deco feel was a popular move for the factory and these items are collectable today. Art Deco tableware was manufactured in large quantity, as well as Art Nouveau and Art Deco vases from eminent decorators and notable designers such as Bessie Newbery, Frank Butler, Ethel Beard, Florrie Jones, Harry Nixon, Charles Noke and William Rowe. These pieces too are sought after today.

Trade names such as Minton and Royal Albert are examples of the company's foremost production of tableware and collectables.

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Art Deco: