René Lalique

In the world of Art Deco glass design a name to conjure with is that of the master Rene Lalique who was born in France at Ay-sur-Marne in 1860. Lalique nurtured his style developing ideas from eminent Art Nouveau glass manufacturers such as Baccarat and Emille Galle. Initially Lalique was concerned with the design of jewellery, but in 1910 turned his attention to the production of glass perfume bottles commissioned by Francois Coty. Lalique had applied the medium of glass to his jewellery designs and his success continued in his acquisition of a glassworks at Wingen-sur-Moder in the Alsace region of France. Here he produced a variety of produce including ornaments, vases, lamps, statuettes, car mascots, lamps, ashtrays, clocks and architectural panels.

Typical wares by Lalique are either frosted with an opalescent finish or clear. Lalique personally oversaw much of the factory production, guaranteeing high quality and an individualistic nature to pieces a result of the use of metal moulds, each one being destroyed when the glass ware was removed.

Lalique's versatility was exemplified by a venture in to the production of glass furniture in the 1920's, laying a foundation for other designers to follow such as Robert Block and Serge Roche.

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