The Lenci factory was founded in Turin in 1919 with production originally concentrating on hand-painted and stuffed dolls. Pottery output commenced in 1928 and became instantly popular utilising high design standards to bolster the company with acclaim both from Europe and the United States of America. Lenci concentrated on items including wall plaques, figures and animals.

Elena Helen König Scavini, the founder of the company also designed for the factory and was depicted famously in a piece scantily clad. Other eminent designers who were commissioned by Lenci include A. Jasopi and Giovanni Grande.

In the nineteen fifties production turned to Walt Disney characters including Thumper, Bambi, Dumbo, Peter Pan and Pinocchio. After an economic recession compounded by years of bad management production eventually stopped in 1964. During the Second World War a bomb fell on the factory.

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