Crown Ducal

Crown Ducal was a trading arm of A.G. Richardson & Co. Ltd. Based at the Gorden Pottery, Tunstall, Stoke on Trent, England. Set up in 1915, the factory produced bright Deco patterns including the fashionable Red Tree pattern. In 1931 the celebrated Charlotte Rhead came to work for the factory producing Art Deco Patterns such as Rhodian, Indian Tree, Golden Leaves, Persian Rose, Byzantine and Wisteria. Rhead also introduced the tube lining technique of decoration to the factory. The success of these ranges prompted the take over of the Britannia Pottery in nearby Cobridge in 1933, but in 1942 Charlotte Rhead left the factory.

Production continued through to 1974 when Wedgewood bought the property. The business then relocated in Yorkshire.

Art Deco: